Vinyasa Flow

A light creative class focusing on connection between breath and movement. Finishing with deep relaxation. This class is suitable for all levels.


Bring along your blanket and prepare for an hour of ultimate relaxation. This class involves music, sound bowls, breathing techniques and head massages. Perfect for reducing stress and improving overall well-being.

Kids Yoga

A fun class including balancing poses to help build focus and concentration, breathing exercises and relaxations to help calm busy little minds, mindfulness craft and imaginative play to enhance creativity and sensory skills.
Integrating the art of play with traditional Yoga.

Special Needs Yoga

Breathing strategies, yoga poses, massage, progressive muscle relaxation, and sound vibrations to assist in activating the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for rest, relaxation and digestion. Our aim is to release tension in the body, increasing relaxation and imporoving overall quality of life.

Yoga/ Mindfulness in Schools

We are qualified, insured and accrediated to teach yoga in a school environment. Our school programs are designed to promote lifetime wellness and body-mind awareness. Our aim is to provide students with controlled breathing techniques, meditative techniques and asanas (the physical yoga postures) to help manage stress- improving overall health and well-being.

Corporate Yoga / Meditation

There is no need to be fit, flexible or experienced to take part. Our corporate yoga programs include yoga poses, breath work and meditations to reduce stress and tension in the muscles. We aim to provide techniques that can be taken and used in everyday life- to promote overall health and well-being.